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In this coming-of-age tale, which won Venice’s Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film, a Colombian 15-year-old born into privilege experiences a rude awakening.

Surrounded by wealth and comfort, Milagros is well into her teenage years, but continues to dote on her mother. One day, she joins the daughter of their family’s maid on a group outing to a river, where she and other teenagers make a discovery that will change their lives forever.

Garnering awards not just at Venice but also the Hamptons, Reykjavik, Tallinn Black Nights and Zagreb film festivals, Entre tú y Milagros is a sensitive and compelling portrayal of the loss of innocence that defines adolescence. Bathed in the abundant light of summer, the film also comments on inequality, sexuality and mortality with a masterful light touch, emerging as a contemplative and vibrant depiction of real life piercing the bubble – and the secrets that come between relationships.