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When the laws of time and space are turned topsy-turvy, what would you give up for one last moment with a lost love?

When grieving teenager Kaoru stumbles upon a strange glowing portal that appears to offer a glimpse of other worlds and alternate timelines, he jumps at the chance to reconnect with his dead sister. While he seeks to rectify his tragic past, new student Anzu’s intention is to reshape her hopes and dreams for the present. Perhaps, together, they can rewrite destiny. But the Urashima Tunnel exacts a toll: you can have whatever you desire while inside, but you’ll re-emerge with years shaved off your life.

Mei Hachimoku’s bestselling novel, which was subsequently turned into a serialised manga, is luminously brought to the big screen by CLAP, the animation studio behind 2021’s Pompo: The Cinéphile. Kids and adults alike will lose themselves in this dreamily drawn coming-of-age adventure that addresses the big questions, including friendship, love, loss and acceptance. Premiering in competition at the Bucheon International Animation Festival, The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes is a stunning ode to resilience and a reminder to tread life’s path with an open heart.

“A beautifully realised tale of first love and adolescent angst … Absorbing.” – South China Morning Post