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The stunning debut feature from acclaimed director Cate Shortland arrives from its World Premiere screening in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes this year.

'Heidi [Abbie Cornish], aged 16, drifts from one sexual encounter after another to make up for a lack of affection from her mother and her absent father. After one particularly violent argument she leaves home and finds refuge in the Lake Jindabyne ski resort. Without any means of living she is forced to struggle to survive'until the day when she meets Joe [Sam Worthington], the son of a rich farmer, with whom she begins a complex relationship.' -Cannes Film Festival

'The starting point for the film is a balance between the extraordinary landscape and the children in difficulty', Cate Shortland says.'I think that you'll find these two elements in the final film. It's full of anxious people who demand nothing more than to be loved. I really wanted the viewer to enter into these people's intimacy.?

'a beguiling and tender story of personal transformation and courage' With Somersault, filmmaker Cate Shortland has expertly served up a vivid and touching tale' Somersault bounds with ripe human vigour, largely due to Abbie Cornish's sensual, stormy portrayal of the fragile Abbie, [whose] performance touches universal nerves.' -The Hollywood Reporter

Anthony Anderson, Jan Chapman, Abbie Cornish, Cate Shortland and Sam Worthington are guests of the Festival.

D/S Cate Shortland P Anthony Anderson PS Hopscotch Films WS Fortissimo Film Sales TD 35mm/Col/2004/106mins

Cate Shortland was born in Temora in 1968. Films include: Strap on Olympia (1995), pentuphouse (1998) Flower Girl (1999), Joy (2000)