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Two's a crowd.

Geoff Brewster is seeing out his final days at the family's isolated coastal shack - walking the beach and leaving tape-recorded confessions for his estranged wife. But when his Porsche-driving nephew Josh arrives unannounced, a deadly game ensues that threatens to destroy both men.

Hailing the much-awaited return of celebrated Australian auteur Alkinos Tsilimidos (Tom White, MIFF 04; Em4Jay, MIFF 06), Blind Company is a brooding, cinematic drama about a dying man and the wreckage he leaves in his wake. Stars Colin Friels, Nick Barkla and Gloria Ajenstat.

“I'm interested in people who have given up on the world. Or the world has given up on them.” - filmmaker Alkinos Tsilimidos

--- D/S Alkinos Tsilimidos P Alkinos Tsilimidos, Matteo Bruno, John Finemore Dist Valarc Films TD digibeta/2009