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Is there a tougher woman than Rebiya Kadeer?

Rebiya Kadeer spent six years in a Chinese prison before being exiled to Washington DC. An tireless advocate for the independence of her oil-rich Uyghur homeland - known as East Turkestan - she has been punished at every turn by the Chinese authorities, who have now condemned two of her sons to lengthy prison sentences.

Rising from obscurity and poverty to become the seventh richest person in China and two-time Nobel Prize-nominee, Kadeer is an extraordinary woman driven by a fierce commitment to her cause.

Australian filmmaker Jeff Daniels follows Kadeer in her relentless campaign for her people's autonomy, documenting the life of a fearless woman who has paid a terrible price for becoming an international symbol of her nation's struggle.

Rebiya Kadeer is a guest of the Festival.

--- D Jeff Daniels P John Lewis, Dennis Smith S Jeff Daniels WS TVF International TD digibeta/2009