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Beat Up the Old Shack
Michael Buckley / music. Hugo Klang 1980 2 mins 16mm
Frenetic clip using scratch-film technique and lots of familiar faces (Nick Cave, John Murphy) all set to a song by Ollie Olsen's Hugo Klang.

Te possino ammazza'
Frank Lovece 1987 8 mins 16mm
Featuring all notable contributors to Melbourne's inner-city experimental film scene and full of energy, merriment and elaborate intentions.

Stephen Jones / music: SPK 1979 4 mins video
Through explosive interruptions of degraded colour, Stephen Jones gives monochrome live footage a visual style that parallels SPK's industrial sound.

Meanwhile Elsewhere
Hugh Marchant 1981 11 mins 16mm
Stunning, highly stylised black and white Swinburne film inspired by the surrealists and Hammer horror about a romantic locksmith and his intrepid search for keys and love.

Nick the Stripper
Paul Goldman / music: The Birthday Party 1981 16mm
This raucous and carnivalesque romp captures some of the magic (and many of the faces) of the times.

Boys Next Door interviewed by Mick McBride
Linda Baron 1978 5 mins video
In a few brief minutes, Rowland S. Howard and Nick Cave open a window onto the two young souls that soon characterised an epoch.

Paul Goldman / music: The Boys Next Door 1979 video
This intense and cinematic clip launched the look that a generation associates with the Boys Next Door's sound.

Big Risk
Mark Zenner / music: The Negatives / The Boys Next Door / News 1978 17 mins 16mm
Recently discovered film made by the late filmmaker and writer Mark Zenner (1955-2008) features performances by and music from The Negatives, The Boys Next Door and News.

When Daddy Blows His Top
Robin Gold & Kriv Stenders / music: Frontier Scouts 1982 4 mins super-8
Robin Gold and Kriv Stenders' newly-unearthed and quietly menacing clip artfully depicts a noir scenario in the underside of inner-urban Sydney.

Big Roads Mean Big Lorries
Brett Houghton 1982 26 mins 16mm
Brett Houghton's Swinburne film in which two people who have nowhere much to go decide the best thing or at least one thing to do