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Kim Beissel 1981 28 mins video
An unassuming and insightful documentary with contributions from Paul Schütze (Laughing Hands), Philip Jackson (Equal Local), Paul Fletcher (Essendon Airport) and Philip Brophy, among others.

Cut Lunch
Ray Argall / music: The Models 1981 6 mins 16mm
Promotional video for the group's praised1981 mini album included song excerpts and vox pops on the streets of Melbourne.

A Porpoise in the Modern Age
Marine Biologists 1984 9 mins super-8
Strange social phenomena in four short chapters. The first step after being born again, every child player winning a prize, a mixed metaphor and an acoustic guitar.

Essendon Airport Christmas Messages
Essendon Airport 1982 3 mins super-8
Originally screened at the start of a Clifton Hill Music Centre Christmas show, the band members wish all a good tidings on the streets of the inner north.

Lost in Space
David Chesworth 1982 6 mins super-8
Percussive repercussions of everyday objects and the quotidian application of objects of percussion.

Spaces Part 6 - Expressive Space
Randelli 1981 5 mins video
Excerpt from a video work by Robert Randall and Frank Bendinelli exploring the “space” in various artists' work.

Muzak, Rock & Minimalism
1983 13 mins super-8
Counterfeit domestic scenarios meet with dilettante analogue electronica and coalesce into a blissful homage to suburban acquiescence.

Whirlywirld rehearsal
Linda Baron 1978 5 mins video
Your only chance to see the band that anyone at their 13 gigs will tell you was one of the best live acts ever to play in Melbourne.

Wind in My Heart
David Collyer 1981 12 mins 16mm
Suffering from “cut finger”, a sensitive young gardner searches for immortality in procreation. Stars Sam Sejavka, on who the protagonist from Dogs in Space is based.