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No Dance
1982 20 mins super-8
A visit to the nightclub Inflation is abstracted through repetition into a semiotic misadventure with an unintended voiceover.

Dirk DeBruyn 1985 3 mins 16mm
Experimental filmmaker Dirk DeBruyn's colourful and graphic film of visual music.

The Genius is Lying
Anne Harding 1982 21 mins 16mm
The alarming facts revealed. A living sexual abberation. The truth behind the myth. The lies behind the truth. The whole ugly story. Made for Swinburne and starring the immortal and inimitable Troy.

Stephen Jones / music: Severed Heads 1982 5 mins video
By deconstructing analogue video gear, video pioneer (and one-time Severed Heads member) Stephen Jones creates a look that a thousand digital filters will never achieve.

Hairstyle Exploding
Noel Richards / music: Modern Jazz 1983 4 mins 16mm
Animated clip with bold graphics set to music of improv group Modern Jazz, featuring Ash Wednesday.

Colour Box
Simon Cooper 1984 9 mins super-8
This fantastically maddening montage of evocative images and stylish urban excerpts puts Canberra on the post-punk map.

Tony Stevens / Sue Davis / music: Equal Local 1980 4 mins 16mm
This expedition into the fabled Crystal Ballroom with a soundtrack by the brilliant, short-lived band Equal Local is an unmissable time-capsule of Melbourne's burgeoning scene.

Revolt Into Style
Simon Burton & Mark Worth 1996 25 mins video
Documentary on the inspiration for and the establishment of the groundbreaking Fashion Design Council in the early 1980s, which sprung up out of the Crystal Ballroom scene.