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"All these boy bands out there making a ton of money, they just swipe their shit from the Descendents." - Keith Morris (Black Flag, OFF!)

Would the likes of Green Day and Blink 182 have existed were it not for Californian punk-pop band the Descendents? Unlikely, according to this entertaining and thorough rock bio-doc charting a history that now spans more than 30 years.

Led by singer Milo Aukerman, possibly the world's coolest nerd (until he left the band to become a scientist), and driven in part by an obsessive fixation on coffee, the band helped draw the blueprint for melodic hardcore. FILMAGE charts the rise, fall and fortunes of the many incarnations of the Descendents, and of their offshoot band, ALL - "the band guilty of not being the Descendents" according to one of more than 40 interviewees, including members of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Redd Kross, NoFX, MXPX, Blink 182 and Mike Watt.

D Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour P Deedle LaCour, Matt Riggle, Stefany Strah, James Rayburn, Justin Wilson, Marissa LaCour S Matt Riggle WS Charlie Uniform Tango TD HD Cam/2013