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"Sure to have you laughing until you bleed." – Twitch

MIFF veteran Taika Waititi (Boy, MIFF 2010; Eagle vs Shark, MIFF 2007) and Flight of the Conchords mastermind Jemaine Clement perform in and direct this entertaining mockumentary that mines surprising new laughs from the vampire genre.

Three vampire flatmates are just trying to get by in modern society: paying rent, drawing up housework rosters and getting invited into nightclubs. When their 8000-year-old friend, Petyr, turns 20-something Nick into their newest undead recruit, the guys must teach him the ropes of eternal existence. In return, Nick gives them a crash-course in early 21st-century life in Wellington, New Zealand.

"What We Do In the Shadows is the type of little movie that you watch and feel like you've discovered something really special. It's a total surprise; a silly, scary delight." – The Playlist


E Agora? Lembra-Me
MIFF 2014


Når dyrene drømmer
MIFF 2014