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Strong and independent, Suzy is a black belt in karate who built her own house in her early 20s. Her husband Jon has climbed Mt Everest, explored the North and South Poles and walked unassisted across the Australian desert. But living off the land could be the couple's greatest challenge yet.

Australia's master of the documentary profile, Ian Darling (Paul Kelly: Stories of Me, MIFF 2012; In The Company of Actors, MIFF 2007) profiles Suzy and Jon Muir as they try to adapt to a more grounded life on their beautiful subsistence farm deep in the Grampians.

Retiring to the country is a thought that has tantalised many, but as Jon and Suzy will soon discover, the simple life is often anything but. While wrestling with rural perils – from bushfires to insect plagues to frosts – is hard enough, their true test comes when their joint adventure takes an unexpected turn and becomes something far more perilous.

An honest and funny film of quiet pleasures and insight, Suzy and the Simple Man is ultimately a spellbinding love story: of the love between two people, and their love of our planet and everything on it.

Rich Haridy will host a Q&A with Ian Darling, Suzan and Jon Muir at the session on 10 August.