Dir. Natalie Bailey / 2024 / 97 mins / Australia / English

When her daughter selfishly falls into a coma, Ronnie has no choice but to keep their stardom dreams alive by assuming her identity.


Blue Sun Palace

Dir. Constance Tsang / 2024 / 116 mins / USA / Mandarin

The complexities of the migrant experience are tenderly depicted in this deeply felt debut feature, which arrives fresh from Cannes Critics’ Week.



Dir. Tilman Singer / 2024 / 102 mins / USA, Germany / English

Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer goes head-to-head with Downton Abbey alum Dan Stevens in this frightfully weird horror.



Dir. Sean Wang / 2024 / 91 mins / USA / English, Mandarin

This double-Sundance-winning semi-autobiographical film surveys a coming of age marked by Myspace and Motorola flip phones during the 2000s.


A Different Man

Dir. Aaron Schimberg / 2024 / 112 mins / USA / English

Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier) plays a wannabe actor who learns that confidence isn’t skin-deep in this deliciously twisted morality tale.

Family Gala - Magic Beach

Dir. Robert Connolly

A hybrid live action-animation anthology adaptation of Alison Lester’s iconic children’s book.



Dir. Jaydon Martin / 2023 / 90 mins / Australia / English

Two men in rural Queensland search for solace in spirituality in this cinematic blend of documentary and fiction.


Fungi: Web of Life

Dir. Gisela Hoffman, Joseph Nizeti / 2023 / 45 mins / Australia / English

Lose yourself in this immersive trip into the fascinating world of fungi, as narrated by Björk.


Future Council

Dir. Damon Gameau / 2024 / 80 mins / Netherlands / English

Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film) takes eight kids on the ultimate school excursion: a road trip across Europe to seek solutions to the climate crisis.


Grand Theft Hamlet

Dir. Pinny Grylls, Sam Crane / 2024 / 90 mins / UK / English

The show really must go on as two locked-down actors take Shakespeare to the least likely stage imaginable: the streets of Grand Theft Auto.


I Saw the TV Glow

Dir. Jane Schoenbrun / 2023 / 100 mins / USA / English

Brigette Lundy-Paine and Justice Smith star as teen outsiders whose obsessive pop-culture fandom causes rifts in their realities.


La Cocina

Dir. Alonso Ruizpalacios / 2024 / 139 mins / USA, Mexico / English, Spanish

Rooney Mara stars in this gorgeously shot, righteously angry portrait of kitchen workers stewing in the pressure-cooker conditions of an NYC bistro.


Look Into My Eyes

Dir. Lana Wilson / 2023 / 108 mins / USA / English

Supporter and sceptic alike will be touched as seven psychics connect clients with the supernatural – or simply with what’s buried in their psyches.


Menus-Plaisirs - Les Troisgros

Dir. Frederick Wiseman / 2023 / 240 mins / USA / English, French

Frederick Wiseman’s 44th feature documentary turns the lens on the kitchens of a Michelin three-star French restaurant and the family that runs it.


Music on Film Gala - Ellis Park

Dir. Justin Kurzel / 2024 / Australia / English, French, Indonesian

Famed musician Warren Ellis takes stock of his life during the COVID years and sets up an animal sanctuary in Sumatra.


My Favourite Cake

Dir. Maryam Moghadam, Behtash Sanaeeha / 2024 / 97 mins / Germany, Iran, France, Sweden / Farsi

Tender and funny yet politically daring, this double-Berlinale-winning late-life romance is guaranteed to steal your heart.


Occupied City

Dir. Steve McQueen / 2023 / 251 mins / USA, Netherlands, UK / English

This immersive, epic work of memorialisation from Oscar winner Steve McQueen uncovers WWII histories hidden in plain sight.


Opening Night Gala - Memoir of a Snail

Dir. Adam Elliot / 2024 / 94 mins / Australia / English

Sarah Snook lends her voice alongside Kodi Smit-McPhee, Magda Szubanski, Eric Bana and Jacki Weaver in the second Claymation feature from Adam Elliot.


Premiere With Purpose - Left Write Hook

Dir. Shannon Owen / 2024 / 98 mins / Australia / English

For eight survivors of childhood sexual abuse, a groundbreaking program turns into a journey of recovery, transformation and friendship.


Queens of Concrete

Dir. Eliza Cox / 2024 / 87 mins / Australia / English

This coming-of-age feature documentary follows three young female skateboarders in their quest to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


She Loved Blossoms More

Dir. Yannis Veslemes / 2024 / 88 mins / France, Greece / French, Greek

Three brothers attempt to lure their mum back from the dead in this bizarre and strangely beautiful nightmare tale.


Teaches of Peaches

Dir. Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer / 2024 / 102 mins / Germany / English, German

Class is in session! Celebrate the world of gender-punk icon Peaches in this audacious Teddy Award–winning documentary.


We Were Dangerous

Dir. Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu / 2024 / 82 mins / New Zealand / English

Executive-produced by Taika Waititi, this fiercely feminist Māori-led debut is an emotive subversion of the ‘coming-of-age delinquent’ narrative.


Welcome Space Brothers

Dir. Jodi Wille / 2023 / 100 mins / USA / English

Hop aboard as this engrossing film takes you to the world of the Unarians: cosmic visionaries who believe in higher planes, therapy and movie-making.