Latin America

Travel to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and beyond with MIFF’s selection of Latin American films, including a sex-hotel-set erotic thriller, poignant filial portraits and a reimagining of Sappho.


Cidade; Campo

Two stories – one involving a country-to-city move, the other in reverse – explore the place of women in Bolsonaro’s Brazil.

Dir. Juliana Rojas / 2024 / 119 mins / Brazil / Portuguese

La Cocina

Rooney Mara stars in this gorgeously shot, righteously angry portrait of kitchen workers stewing in the pressure-cooker conditions of an NYC bistro.

Dir. Alonso Ruizpalacios / 2024 / 139 mins / USA, Mexico / English, Spanish
Selling Fast


A middle-aged actress begins to unravel in this dynamite debut, featuring an explosive, emotionally wrenching lead performance from Yara de Novaes.

Dir. Pedro Freire / 2024 / 101 mins / Brazil / Portuguese

Motel Destino

From Cannes competition lands a colourful, queered and beachside-set erotic thriller in which desire and destiny clash in a seedy sex hotel.

Dir. Karim Aïnouz / 2024 / 112 mins / Germany, France, Brazil / Portuguese


In this winner of the Berlinale’s Generation Kplus Grand Prix, a man fights his worst impulses to be a better father to his two emigrating daughters.

Dir. Klaudia Reynicke / 2024 / 104 mins / Spain, Switzerland, Peru / Spanish

Simon of the Mountain

In this Cannes Critics’ Week Grand Prize winner, an enigmatic young man yearns to belong with his disabled besties – but he’s not quite like them.

Dir. Federico Luis / 2024 / 97 mins / Argentina, Chile, Uruguay / Spanish


A young boy orphaned by the cartel is up against inheriting a life of crime in this coming-of-age story from an award-winning Mexican filmmaking duo.

Dir. Astrid Rondero, Fernanda Valadez / 2024 / 126 mins / USA, Mexico, France / Spanish


To pay for the conversion therapy she believes her gay son needs, a well-intentioned tollbooth operator turns to crime in this crafty drama.

Dir. Carolina Markowicz / 2023 / 101 mins / Brazil, Portugal / Portuguese

You Burn Me

This phantasmagoric experimental drama puts Ancient Greek poet Sappho in conversation with the nymph Britomartis.

Dir. Matías Piñeiro / 2024 / 64 mins / Spain, Argentina / Spanish