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Teresa is an airline stewardess who feels right at home above the clouds, serving drinks and trays of pre-packaged food— anything that distances her from the pitfalls of life on earth, like men, motherhood and family. Her latest flight is to Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world, a remote and chilly place where Julian, an optician, is headed. Grieving over the sudden death of his wife, Julian is on a journey to fulfil a promise to scatter her ashes at the place where they first met. Escaping to the skies, far away from the realities of life on earth, is just the ticket. However, when the plane lands, the realities of their respective situations surface again. It is only a matter of time before Teresa and Julian bump into each other...

Charming and utterly beguiling, Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven is blessed with two wonderful lead performances, stunning Antarctic locations and an abundance of hilarious situations. Keep your tray-tables in their upright position and get ready to have fun!