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Durval is 45 years old and spent the best years of his life in the 70s. Looking like a Latin version of former Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, he runs an anachronistic vinyl record store in a rundown Sao Paulo suburb. Durval's store is in reality the front room of the house where he lives with his overbearing, meddling mother.

Durval's days are spent trying to hit on the chain-smoking ice cream parlour attendant next door, dodging his mother's nagging and boring his customers with his theories on the superiority of LP records over CDs. As with the hilarious High Fidelity (MIFF 2000), his store is frequented by a parade of weirdos including Fat Marley, a bulky Brazilian Rasta. Durval's comfortable routine is shattered when his new maid disappears leaving Durval and Mama with an extremely precocious five-year-old girl, Kiki, who she has kidnapped. Anna Muylaert's Rotterdam and San Francisco Film Festival favourrte combines affectionate humour a first rate comic cast and a heart of gold.