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Sara has just published the most successful novel of her career but the sweetness of the limelight is soured by her personal life. Her marriage collapsed and she is still grieving the death of her young son, an only child. She is isolated in a cold, minimalist monument to the Scandanavian modernist aesthetic, a home designed by her obsessive architect former husband, Peter. Sara wants to bring some welcome disruption to her depression and liven the house and so takes in a boarder, Bogdan, a Serbian gypsy musician.

Tragedy visits her once more when Peter stops by to complain that she is ruining his design and order for the home, before committing suicide on the spot where their son died. This Sundance, Rotterdam and Toronto Film festival selection then takes a blackly comic turn when Peter's second wife and a surprise mistress converge on the house on the night Bogdan has set aside to jam with a full gypsy orchestra!

Funny and reflective, the film is a meditation on grief and the movement toward life as Sara opens the door to passion, disorder and an unconventional new sense of family.